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Talha Atta.

Talha was in grade 11 when he joined TKS. During the program, he has transformed his life, from working a minimum wage job in retail to winning the CES Young Innovators To Watch award.

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Break free from conventional wisdom.”
Talha Atta

My Story

Growing up I would read biographies of people like John Rockefeller and dream of one day being a tycoon. Internally I had huge ambitions to leave a mark on the world, but around me, everything was the complete opposite. People that I knew around me just settled for mediocrity, they gave up on their dreams and were unhappy with their lives. When I would tell anyone about my goals about becoming a billionaire or doing something big they would laugh at me. I always had this inner drive in me but I never knew how to channel it. I used to try a start “businesses” and flip clothes on the side, but everything I did wasn’t as big as I dreamt it would be.

After some failures and success, I joined TKS, where the concepts I learned just clicked with me. I realized I didn’t have to wait 20 years before leaving my mark on the world, I could start doing it at 16. In my mind, it was always ingrained that I needed to wait until I was done university to start working towards larger goals in life. I quickly realized that wasn’t the case and I could start working on a life-changing company tomorrow. I went from selling clothes to scaling a global events company and travelling the world.
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Without TKS giving me a mindset to dream big, I would’ve never chased big goals this young. All the goals I set out to reach by 25 and 30, are ones I’ll hit by the time I’m 20."
Talha Atta

How has TKS impacted me?

TKS changed my outlook on life, I was always a really negative person and had built up resentment towards people who grew up privileged. It helped change my mindset to becoming more positive, and helped me develop empathy for people from all walks of life. I learned that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, all that matters is the future and how you plan to change it. This changed my perspective on life, I didn’t hold myself to low standards or conventional wisdom I grew up hearing. TKS taught me how to channel my hustle in a way that was really impactful and could make a difference. It’s not the question of “Am I going to change the world?” anymore, it’s “When am I going to change the world?”.

How is TKS different from other programs?

TKS is different from other programs because it’s not a money grab that teaches you short term skills and then finishes. The program invests in really transforming every part of your life and making it optimal. Everything from philosophy to physical fitness is covered, and it’s like being given the step by step process to taking over the world and finding happiness. If you follow the TKS process correctly you should come out a changed person that’s an overall better human being.

Advice I would have given to myself before I joined TKS:

The environment you put yourself in is the most important thing you in your life, whatever you surround yourself with that is what you’ll become. I didn’t learn this until I was a lot older, but when I realized how crazy this small thing was I started doing everything I could to create the best environment for me. Just because you grew up in a certain environment, it doesn’t mean that’s what you need to act like. Be really selfish with your friends and the people you surround yourself with, focus on finding the best people you know and spending time with them. If something affects you negatively then stop doing.
It's not about the cards you're dealt, but how you play the hand.”
Randy Pausch
My favorite quote
If you follow the TKS process correctly you should come out a changed person that’s an overall better human being."
Talha Atta

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