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Ayaan Esmail.

Since I was young, my family exposed me to environments where I could learn about things that I was interested in and enjoyed working on.

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If you have access to the internet and good health, you have the same potential as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, & Jeff Bezos."
Ayaan Esmail

My Story

When I turned 13 I started to ask myself “What do I really want out of life?” I knew I was going to die at some point and although I was involved in all these extracurriculars, I was going there aimlessly. No goal in mind, didn’t know what I wanted out of it, and most of the time I would come out thinking “Why are my parents paying for this, I could literally learn it online.” Fast forward 8 months, I join TKS, fall in love with personalized medicine and realize what I really want out of life: to impact billions of people lives and change the world for the better.
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When I joined TKS I learned work and fun were the same thing"
Ayaan Esmail

How has TKS impacted me?

TKS has allowed me to begin unlocking my full potential and actually work on what I love. Sitting in a classroom made me think that work and fun were two completely different things. But when I joined TKS I learned work and fun were the same thing and that I could work on something I love and gain happiness from. The crazy thing is if it weren’t for TKS I would go my entire life thinking fun and work were on two ends of a spectrum.

How is TKS different from other programs?

When thinking about TKS, it isn’t really a program, it’s not something you consider as an extracurricular where you can come and go. In my opinion it’s an ecosystem that actually prepares you for the real world by teaching you how to solve important problems, exposing you to exponential technologies, and teaching you the skills and mindset to effect change.

Advice I would have given to myself before I joined TKS:

Pre-TKS I would tell myself that I can’t think and do the same things as everyone else and expect to turn out completely differently and change the world. I would go to extra curricular, do a bunch of after school activities and think that I was unique compared to everyone else, but in reality we were all in the same boat. There was nothing that showed I had a bigger chance to impact billions than others, and if I really wanted to change the world, then I should start to research into technologies that are going to disrupt industries. I should look into real world problems and try to find a solution, while learning mental models from some of the smartest most influential people in our world today.
You need to take an unconventional path to reach unconventional success. There’s no way you’re going to change the world if you're doing the same things as everyone around you."
Nadeem Nathoo
My favorite quote
TKS is an ecosystem that actually prepares you for the real world."
Ayaan Esmail

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