TKS Innovators.

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Society underestimates what young people are capable of. TKS Innovators are showing the world what ambitious young people can do with the right guidance and environment."
Navid Nathoo, The Knowledge Society

Real innovators. Real Stories.

Zaynah Bhanji
Artificial Intelligence
Ben Nashman
Medical Devices
Isabella Grandic
Cellular Agriculture
Shagun Maheshwari
Exponential Technologies
Tommy Moffat
Quantum Machine Learning
Ananya Chadha
Brain-Machine Interfaces
Jerry Qu
Artificial Intelligence
Tanisha Bassan
Quantum Computing
Hannah Le
Genetic Engineering
Ayaan Esmail
Personalized Medicine
Riya Karumanchi
Brain-Computer Interfaces
Liam Hinzman
Artificial Intelligence
Talha Atta
Sabarish Gnanamoorthy
Virtual Reality
Brianna Gopaul
Quantum Computing
Alishba Imran