The Knowledge Society featured in the Las Vegas Sun, August 10, 2019

Nadeem Nathoo is a firm believer that there is a lot of young tech talent in Las Vegas. He hopes to develop that talent.

Nathoo, an entrepreneur from Toronto, is the co-creator of the educational program “The Knowledge Society,” which is designed to help teenagers develop leadership skills and expose them to cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Sponsored by Zappos, sessions for the Las Vegas cohort begin next month at the Zappos’ downtown headquarters. The weekend program — also referred to as an “accelerator” — will go for 10 months.

Tuition for the program isn’t cheap — it’s about $6,500 — but financial aid is available for low-income families.

“Las Vegas itself is a major developing tech hub,” Nathoo said. “What it’s lacking, though, to continue this growth is people. What we plan to do is to help develop young people and get them deep technical expertise on exponential technologies. We want to help Las Vegas flourish as an up-and-coming innovation hub.”

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