The Knowledge Society featured in the Financial Post, May 25, 2017

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Presenters at The Knowledge Society showcase at Toronto’s MaRS space on May 14 spent the day talking about many of the typical headaches faced by startups, such as patent protection, funding, marketing and networking.

Shaan Hooey and Sameer Jessa shared their challenges on getting their innovation — a non-hypodermic glucagon injection pen for Type 1 diabetics — off the ground. “Right now we’re filing for patents,” Jessa said. “I would say at this point clinical trials are the main impediment for us.” 

Ben Nashman and Sunrose Billing are further down their chosen entrepreneurial path, having developed a new MRI technology that can capture MRI signals from ions (regular MRI signals are from protons). It could lead to earlier diagnoses and better tracking of drug efficacy. The pair has received a patent and been given access to $300,000 worth of software from a medical services software provider.

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