TKS Student Tanisha Bassan featured in The Globe and Mail, November 4, 2019

The Globe and Mail

This past summer, technology whiz Tanisha Bassan catapulted from high-school graduation — and involvement with student council, basketball, the social justice choir and tutoring — to work at a quantum computing startup that was spun out of Harvard University. “l was not going to take a gap year until the opportunity with Zapata [Computing Inc.] came along and blew me away, says Ms. Bassan, who, nonetheless, deliberated over the “really tough” decision to postpone postsecondary studies. “University can still wait one more year, but this unique opportunity to work with leading scientists in quantum computing may not be available later in my life, the 18-year-old from Richmond Hill, Ont., said in an interview. While Ms. Bassan’s career entry is hardly conventional (Zapata’s co-founders and many of her coworkers have PhDs), the Cambridge, Mass. -based firm is not the only company on the lookout for emerging tech talent in high schools and coding camps.

Tanisha Bassan, 18, seen in Mississauga in March, says there was much deliberation before she made the decision to postpone postsecondary studies and work at the Cambridge, Mass.-based quantum computing startup Zapata Computing.

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