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The world is changing. Prepare your child to be ahead of the curve.

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Children are developing fundamental areas of their brain structure between the age of 11 to 13 years old. These years shape their attitudes, mindset and personality as they enter their teenage years. The TKS Foundations program has been carefully designed to allow students to develop across a number of key areas.

In Foundations, we focus on:

  • Developing internal and external confidence.
  • Predicting the future and thinking about how the world is evolving.
  • Providing exposure to global issues, perspectives, and innovations.
  • Building problem solving skills, presentation skills, communication skills, and independence.
  • Building a sense of belonging to a strong community of students in TKS (from 11 - 17 years) 
  • Practicing gratitude, mindfulness and an increased level of thoughtfulness


Ideal students for Foundations are curious about learning, enjoy working with others and constantly crave mental stimulation. They enjoy learning about technologies and solving problems.

TKS Foundations Sessions are conducted over 3 hours on the weekend in Downtown Toronto. 



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