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Want to disrupt education & impact billions?

We're looking for directors who are:

  • Excited about emerging tech
  • Passionate about mentoring
  • Motivational
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About The Knowledge Society

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is a human accelerator focused on developing young people (ages 13-17) to impact billions. Start up accelerators like Y Combinator and Techstars are building "unicorn companies" that are valued at billions of dollars and, at TKS, we are building "unicorn people" who are going to impact billions of people. Our students have keynoted at major conferences around the world, including Web Summit, SXSW, and C2, earned internships with leading companies like Microsoft as early as 14 years old, and have worked on PhD-level projects. Our vision is to transform the education system globally and we are building an all-star team to make this happen. We have a master plan to completely shift the education paradigm globally and invest in these students through our venture fund to impact billions.
Zaynah Bhanji
Artificial Intelligence
Ben Nashman
Medical Devices
Tanisha Bassan
Quantum Computing
Jerry Qu
Artificial Intelligence
It's so clear to me that TKS alumni will start billion-dollar companies that tackle important problems."
Tommy Moffat, TKS Alumni

Our Mission

We develop ambitious young people to impact billions using emerging technologies. Our goal is to solve the world's biggest problems by leveraging human potential.
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The Role:

We are looking for full-time directors to lead our program in Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Toronto and Los Angeles.

Your job will be to help build "Olympic level" CEOs, innovators, thought leaders, and researchers who will create an exciting future. You'll be working with two cohorts of 30-40 students per cohort (60-80 students total). The program is held in person on the weekend and runs for a duration of ten months.

Since the program is held on the weekend, your week will be flexible – you should spend this time learning and optimizing yourself. At TKS, we've developed a learning process and curriculum that's designed to build super-powered young people in a short period of time. You should expect to grow significantly in this role and learn about cutting-edge technologies and sciences.

Students in the founding Toronto program all came in as curious teenagers who didn't know anything about technology – but they are now working on groundbreaking projects in as little as seven months. Some examples include:

  • Synex Medical: A device that can non-invasively measure blood glucose and cholesterol levels without penetrating the skin
  • Brain-computer interfaces: Controlling a prosthetic arm with your mind 
  • WaypointAR: Indoor way-finding application using AR/computer vision without using beacons
  • Sharing genomics data on the blockchain
  • Cured muscular dystrophy in mice – now in human trials
  • Simulated molecules with various quantum machines, precursors for simulated drug discovery 

Using generative adversarial neural networks for anomaly detection based on medical images.

You should consider this role if:

  • You love learning: You will learn about exponential technologies at an extreme level of depth, enough to keep up with industry experts
  • Meeting smart/connected people is a priority for you: Build meaningful relationships with some of the smartest people in the world locally and globally as the leading evangelist for TKS in your city
  • You're mission and impact driven: You will play a massive role in changing the trajectory of 80 young people's lives who will change the world. 
  • You're a people developer at heart: You'll be the #1 influence in their lives and help them become happy, healthy, wise, and purposeful people.


  • Facilitate the in-person program with TKS students. Each cohort is 30-40 students and sessions occur on the weekends for three hours at a time.
  • Learn! You'll need to understand new emerging technologies and sciences that are shaping the future.
  • Mentor students during the week and motivate them to make continuous progress.
  • Give students detailed feedback on their projects, articles, and videos - which they'll create during the program.
  • Create high-impact opportunities, like hosting a speaker, setting up a themed workshop (e.g. blockchain), and organizing events (e.g. tour of startup offices). The goal is to create experiences to give students exposure to the real world.
  • Overall, your job is to make these kids legit!

Types of backgrounds we look for:

    • Required: 5-10 years work experience.

We're looking for people who have experience in at least one of the following areas:

  • You've been in a leadership role with a startup.
  • You've been a startup founder.
  • You've worked at a top-tier tech company.
  • You've worked at a top-tier management consulting firm.
  • You've done something unconventional.

Type of person we're looking for:

  • You love working with ambitious young people.
  • You are excited about exponential technologies.
  • You are a thinker who enjoys philosophy and psychology.
  • You have high energy.
  • You have high standards.

Benefits & Perks: 

  • Competitive compensation (no, you don't have to take a huge paycut).
  • Access to exclusive TKS content (should always be learning!).
  • Flexible hours – set your own working hours, we just care about results.
  • Attend world-class conferences and events.
  • Network with influential people and be a key player in the diverse director leadership community
  • Build strong relationships with the next-generation of unicorn people.
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