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The TKS Training Model

Year 1: Innovate

Focus: Exposure to emerging technologies, developing meaningful relationships, and establishing mindsets for success

Students are exposed to emerging STEM fields that are shaping the future of our world. Through knowledge sharing, building presentations, and working on real challenges with real companies, students will build a solid foundation for social impact entrepreneurship.

Year 2: Activate

Focus: Understanding the World’s Biggest Problems and developing self-awareness and wisdom

Students will learn about the World's Biggest Problems and work on solutions in groups, while developing wisdom through discussions on mental models and philosophy. By the end of Activate, students will understand what it takes to solve complex problems that affect millions of people. 

Year 3: Disrupt

Focus: Building a real solution for a global problem

Disrupt is where it gets real! By the end of Disrupt, students will have a strong understanding of what it takes to start companies and execute on ideas. Real companies that have emerged from TKS Disrupt include WaypointAR, G-nome, Synex Medical, and SmartCane.

Who Should Apply to TKS?

Students between the ages of 13-17. 
Curious and ambitious teens who are passionate about changing the world.
Students who are craving a community of like-minded people.

Do students need to know about tech to get in?
No! No prior knowledge is necessary. Most TKS students start with no background in technology or science. 

How does TKS evaluate students?
We look for curiosity, ambition, and passion – that's it. We do not evaluate students based on past achievements, grades, or extracurriculars. 

Learn more about our Foundations program for kids 11-13 (Toronto only).
3 Hour
weekly Sessions


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