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January 20

We develop young people that want to impact billions.

The Knowledge Society was built for people who want to be different. It's an environment for like-minded young people who want to make an impact to collaborate with each other to solve big problems in the world without being limited by conventional beliefs and outdated structures.

This program is designed to mimic the learning environments of Google, Facebook, Y Combinator, MIT and Stanford.  They use a model called an accelerator to grow billion dollar companies (aka "unicorn companies"). However, instead of developing unicorn companies, we focus on developing people that will impact billions (aka "unicorn people").

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

We are living in the most exciting time in history where technologies and sciences are advancing faster than ever before. We can use these new tools to solve problems that were once unsolvable, like cancer and climate change, while also creating new ways of doing things like autonomous driving and digital currencies. It's important to understand these technologies so we can use them to build the future we want to live in.

You should apply to TKS if:

  • You want to leave your mark on the world.
  • You want to collaborate with like-minded people to solve big problems.
  • You're excited to learn about emerging technologies and sciences that will shape our future.

If you apply to TKS, show us that you (1) think differently, (2) think big, and (3) are hungry to learn about cutting-edge innovation.

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