About TKS

The Knowledge Society

Our Mission

Develop the next-generation of activators that will solve the world's most important problems.

Our Story

TKS was started by two brothers, Navid and Nadeem Nathoo, who wanted to create what they wish they had growing up.


If we can train Olympic level athletes from a young age, why can't we train Olympic level CEOs and innovators? "
Nadeem Nathoo, Co-Founder

Our Background

Navid Nathoo was the founder and CEO of Airpost, which was acquired by Box (NYSE: BOX) in early 2015. Airpost was a leading cloud security company based in Silicon Valley, which received investment from world-class institutions including Microsoft, TechStars, and Alchemist Accelerator. Post-acquisition, Navid led product for multiple groups at Box, which included overseeing technologies in machine learning, big data, and advanced security.
Nadeem Nathoo was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, a global top-tier management consulting firm, where he advised Fortune 500 CEOs on their most salient and challenging issues. His experiences range from Banking, Mining, Aerospace, Telecommunication, and Advanced Industries, to name a few. Nadeem has successfully led turn-arounds and growth strategies that have had global implications including facilitating a $500 million merger transition and a $2 billion strategic spin-off.

Our Intention

"Nadeem and I started TKS because we wanted to build what we wish we had growing up. I wasn't exposed to the latest trends in technology and science, and I didn’t have mentors guiding me to help me understand what the real world was like. Most importantly, I wasn't surrounding myself with like-minded people. When designing the curriculum for TKS, we brought in successful CEOs, executives, and thought leaders from across the world to provide their insights into what skills and mindsets need to be trained early. As a result, TKS has developed a world-class experience designed for young people who want to create the future and influence change."
- Navid Nathoo, Co-Founder

Olympic Level Innovators

If you want to compete in the Olympics, you have to have a talented and dedicated coach, train thousands of hours, and have access to the best resources. If you want to be an Olympic level thought leader/CEO/innovator, where do you go to get that? We built TKS to provide the facilities, coaches, content, and framework to train people for the Olympics of life.
TKS allows students to find and ignite their passion."
Kevin Peesker
President, Microsoft Canada
Most people work hard to be the best at being average. If you're doing the same thing as everyone else, it's likely a sign you should do something different."
Navid Nathoo, Co-Founder

Our team

Sabarish Gnanamoorthy
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Sabarish Gnanamoorthy
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Sabarish Gnanamoorthy
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Sabarish Gnanamoorthy
Virtual and Augmented Reality

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