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TKS Toronto

Program information and details.

TKS is the leading innovation program in North America for students age 13-17. During TKS, students are guided by world-class mentors and collaboratively explore cutting-edge topics, while developing the skillset required to create the future.


The program is designed to replicate learning environments like MIT, Stanford, Google and Facebook. Participants will tackle interesting and complex problems with teams, while being exposed to the most salient topics of their generation. Throughout the program, TKS students will have access to exclusive conferences and events, internship opportunities, deliver presentations, engage in debates and discussions, and build their professional portfolio, including their LinkedIn profiles, 1-pagers and slide decks.

TKS Alumni

Ayleen Farnood: BCI Presentation

During the Annual TKS Showcase, Ayleen presented on Brain-Computer Interfaces. This technology enables humans to control machines with brain signals.

Jay Parthasarathy

Jay was exposed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics during TKS, and is now using his knowledge in those areas to disrupt the agriculture industry.

Elevate Toronto: TKS Fireside Chat

At Toronto's largest innovation conference, Ananya and Gaurav discuss how Artificial Intelligence will impact the future of work, education and careers.

TKS Innovate: Alumni Panel

Meet TKS Innovators who are working on making a big impact in various industries, including virtual reality, medical devices, and human longevity.


Prepare for the future.

TKS Showcase

Present your research/project to executives, government officials, investors, and mentors.

Every year, TKS hosts a large Showcase event and invites leaders from across Canada to attend. During the Showcase, students present on topics they've researched or projects they've created throughout the program. Previous attendees include executives from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, The City of Toronto, RBC, TD Bank, and MaRS Discovery District. Parents are also invited to attend the event.

During TKS, students are trained to present like CEOs and develop their speaking skills. They are also taught how to build world-class slideshows to communicate their ideas effectively and engagingly.

TKS Showcase 2018

Showcase Highlights

Watch this 2 minute highlight video of the most recent TKS Showcase.

Shalev Lifshitz: Artificial Intelligence

Shalev uses a computer vision algorithm to classify objects in real-time.


Solve important problems for real companies.

TKS partners with leading organizations and startups to run "challenges" that expose students to real-world problems they are facing. Previous challenges have been done with Airbnb, Nestle, TD Bank, Maple Health, and Emojihealth. Students pitch their recommendations to the organizations and provide insights on strategy and execution. As a result, TKS students gain experience tackling real-world situations and a strong understanding of problems companies are facing today.


Rapidly build and design products.

Work with teams to identify a problem and build the solution. Hackathons combine strategy, design, and technology to materialize your ideas into the real world. Many hackathon projects have led to the formation of startup companies. In the past, students have designed mobile apps, virtual reality experiences, and smart devices. You'll also practice presentation and communications skills - watch the video below for an example!

Summer Internships

Gain real-world experience at leading organizations.

Having real-world experience is a critical component of developing yourself to make an impact in the world. During TKS, you will build valuable skills and a deep knowledge base that will be directly applied in summer internships. These are some of the companies that TKS students have worked with:


Perks of being part of TKS.

During TKS, students have access to special perks and benefits to help them as they explore the future and develop a career and academic strategy for themselves.

  • Summer Internships

    We have built relationships with companies including Microsoft and CIBC Digital, who understand that TKS participants are vetted and trained. Partner companies provide exclusive internship opportunities because TKS students have proven to add real value during a short period of time. Through internships, TKS students are able to gain relevant real-world experience and practice tangible skills far earlier in their lives.

  • Speaking Opportunities

    TKS students have been invited to speak at some of the largest conferences in the world, including C2 Montreal, Augmented World Expo, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Summit, Elevate Technology Festival, Digifest, Toronto Machine Learning Summit, Cryptopalooza, and CITC.

  • Access to Premium Resources

    At TKS you will be given access to best-practice presentations, communication tools, websites, filming equipment (for live presentations), Harvard case studies and more to help showcase your skills and knowledge as a result of the program. Use these resources to develop your professional portfolio, which you will use for university and interviews.

  • Top-Tier Mentors

    TKS has built relationships with mentors from Google, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, McKinsey, NASA, Microsoft, and SpaceX to name a few. We also train our participants to cultivate meaningful relationships with relevant mentors outside our network that can last a lifetime.

  • Exclusive Events

    TKS has access to high-profile events where there are rarely any students in attendance. For example, 10 TKS participants were awarded the opportunity to attend C2 ($3,000 value), one of the world's most prestigious conferences where they met Steve Wozniack, Randi Zuckerberg, and more! Other events include: The National Business and Technology Conference (NBTC), Google Go North, and CDL Machine Learning Conference.

  • Like-Minded People

    We spend over 100 hours selecting applicants who are the right fit for the program. You will be able to learn something from everyone else in the room and will have the opportunity to build life-long friendships with ambitious like-minded individuals who share your desire to change the world.

Program Outcomes

Grow professionally and find your passion.

TKS focuses on developing comprehensive skill sets that students can leverage in the real-world to accomplish their goals.

  • Develop Real-World Skills

    Successful executives have one things in common: they are great communicators. TKS students will develop their presentation skills, hone their written communication skills through slide decks and one-pagers, and become captivating speakers.

  • Learn How To Learn

    AT TKS, students explore problems that don't have solutions. The program is designed to purposely create an environment of debate and uncertainty. Students will develop the skill set to seek out and adapt to new information and 'figure it out'.

  • Make Informed University/Career Decisions

    TKS helps students understand what they’re passionate about, so they can make better decisions with: university, field of study, and career path. The assets they create at TKS will differentiate them in their university applications, scholarships, and job interviews.

  • Exposure To Internship Opportunities

    TKS has exclusive internship opportunities that are not available to other highs school students. Network with leading organizations to identify summer internship opportunities and develop career experience early.

  • Build Your Professional Network

    Meet like-minded individuals that you can partner with to pioneer new technologies and sciences, while extending your corporate network with TKS world-class mentors. You will also learn how to leverage networks like LinkedIn to access the smartest people around the world.

  • Think Ahead

    Exploring cutting-edge topics, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Genomics, will give students the insight and knowledge to lead the future. By starting early, TKS students can predict what's next, develop their expertise, and prepare to shape tomorrow's industries.


Program schedule, cost, and application process.

TKS Toronto runs from September 2018 to June 2019. The sessions are held in-person once/week on the weekend. Students are engaged remotely throughout the week in our online community.


TKS is hosted at McKinsey & Company in downtown Toronto:
23 Sultan Street (near Bay and Bloor)

Program Fees

Payments are spread across 3 installments:

(1) Amount: $1,900

(2) Amount: $1,800

(3) Amount: $1,800

One-time payments will receive a 10% discount ($550).

Financial Aid

If you require financial assistance, please still apply.

Accessibility is a high priority for us. We will provide a financial aid package for students who are accepted into the program. We work very closely with families on an individual basis to remove financial barriers for ambitious and driven students.

Application Process

Step 1: Submit your application. Applications are now closed

Step 2: If your application is accepted, you will be selected for a 1-on-1 interview.

Step 3: After your 1-on-1 interview, you may be invited to a group interview.

Acceptance and Deadline

The program directors will select 40 students to participate per cohort. Applicants will be selected on a rolling basis. Space is extremely limited.

Applications Closed

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