Student Internship


Student Internship

This internship is a great opportunity to gain real-world skills, while also contributing to transform education. If you have a passion for learning and a drive to succeed then you should apply for this opportunity. The experience you'll receive as an intern at TKS will help you with future career opportunities and university applications.

Job Description

You will work directly with the executive team at TKS and be exposed to a variety of projects. This will allow you to experience many areas so you can determine what you enjoy most. These areas include product development, digital marketing, engineering and design. No prior experience is required; we will help you develop the skills you need to be successful.


You will work on multiple projects as an intern and develop skills on the job. Having a good attitude and mindset will make you successful in this role.

  • High school or university student.

  • Hungry to learn about cutting-edge innovations.

  • Desire to be challenged outside your comfort zone.

  • Willingness to work hard and get stuff done.

  • Consistent at setting goals and achieving them.

  • Passion for re-imagining education and learning.


Please contact us with any questions you have about this role.

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