SpotlightSee what students are working on

Ben Nashman, 16 years old -

Brain Imaging: Focused Ionic Magnetic Resonance

My Story: “The problem with MRIs today is the highest possible resolution is about 2mm, which is not enough to detect early signs of neurodegeneration and mental health issues. During TKS, I started going deeper into developing a way to provide more granularity in brain imaging. Currently, I’m building technology that will allow us to measure results at 20x increase in granularity."

How TKS Helped Me: “TKS showed me that if I was passionate about an opportunity, age shouldn’t stop me from pursuing it. I remember feeling incredibly inspired from the very first session when we were talking about how people like Elon Musk and Bill gates were making waves globally at such a young age. Before TKS I had ideas, but would often brush them off because I thought I was being naive or couldn’t possibly have an impact because I was only 16. I was also anxious discussing my ideas with people and connecting with the right experts. But after just a few TKS sessions, I was meeting MRI experts, building professional presentations, and I'm far more comfortable sharing my ideas and speaking in public."

Helen Lin, 15 years old -

Founder at NxtEng

My Story: “NxtEng is an organization that strives to empower the next-generation of global leaders in engineering. Currently, NxtEng is planning competitions and events to motivate and educate students on career paths in engineering and technology. One of my personal goals for NxtEng is to host a female-focused conference on engineering to inspire them to have confidence when pursuing a career in STEM.”

How TKS Helped Me: "TKS has taught me how to talk, walk, and think like a boss. Before the program, I was shy and it took me a while to open up to people. However, the fast-paced environment taught me how to catch opportunities as they flew by and work comfortably and efficiently with anyone I was put into a group with. I was equipped with a lot of knowledge from the sessions, on artificial intelligence and app development, which came in handy when I attended the Google Go North Summit. During TKS, I connected with StartUp Toronto, the UofT Engineering Department, and I've been invited to join the National Advisory Council on Digital Literacy."

Kyra Gilson, 14 years old -

Founder at Loanership – Airbnb for everyday items

My Story: "I was looking for a place where I could connect with like-minded people, but that didn’t really exist until TKS came along. I have diverse interests but never acted on them. I am now working with a team of 2 other TKS students to capitalize on the “shared economy” and build an app that allows people to rent everyday items like power tools and sports equipment."

How TKS Helped Me: "TKS expanded my mind and pushed me to explore new industries. I was surrounded by people who were working on really cool projects, and we're encouraged to DO rather than just learn and I felt like I could also build on my ideas. Through the program, I have widened my interests by being exposed to concepts like the “shared economy”, which I didn’t really think about how much that was affecting global trends. Before TKS I never thought that I could start a company, let alone at 14 years old. Now I am confident that Loanership has the potential to be a billion dollar company!"

Dylan Dao, 17 years old -

Game-maker/Programmer, RE_action | Github

My Story: “Video games have been a big part of my life and I started to build my own when I was 14. Currently, I am working on an arena shooter called RE_action. It’s based on Newton’s Third Law: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Players navigate a zero-gravity environment by ejecting mass behind them and at their opponents. I’ve used complex algorithms to simulate outer space so characters can propel themselves in a limitless area. I’m also working on incorporating smart opponents into the game through artificial intelligence to provide a dynamic experience for players."

How TKS Helped Me: "Throughout my life, I’ve been sheltered into thinking that high school performance will make opportunities come to me. TKS showed me that the only way to get what I want is to hunt it down myself. TKS gave me the opportunity to go to a Machine Learning Conference and meet a ton of influential people in innovative fields. I learned a lot hearing experts give their insights about the future. During the program I realized how I was limiting my own success. I can go beyond those limits now because I know what they are."

Madhu Manivannan, 13 years old -

Eradicating IoT security vulnerabilities

My Story: “I was exposed to the Internet of Things (IoT) at an early age because my father was heavily involved in the industry. I started hearing about various hacks and security vulnerabilities associated with IoT. You would think someone would have addressed these issues by now but they hadn’t. I decided to take action by developing technology (patent pending) that allows the scanning of IoT devices through mobile phones and suggest solutions to fix vulnerabilities. I am competing in a global competition to build solutions that will positively impact humanity as technology evolves."

How TKS Helped Me: "TKS really helped me break out of my comfort zone and widen my scope as to the issues and opportunities that exist in the world. I was exposed to new topics that I got really excited about and met so many people that I could work with in the future. TKS helped me communicate my ideas, build presentations, and speak in front of others. It’s actually shocking to see how much I improved over such a short period of time! I worked with the mentors to build my IoT security presentation and now I'm in the semi-finals for this global competition. Before I thought there was no way a 13-year-old could even make it this far, but now I plan on winning!"

Sunrose Billing, 16 years old -

Decentralized Currency Exchange (DCX)

My Story: "During a hackathon that I participated in with TKS students, I met the Managing Partner of Bitcoin Canada. He invited me to join a new initiative called the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). Through BEN, I’ve been working on creating a Decentralized Currency Exchange (DCX). The DCX uses automatic order matching in the blockchain network to perform transactions to cut out 3rd party middlemen. I’m currently engaging in industry-related events, including The North American Bitcoin Conference and The Miami Bitcoin Hackathon."

How TKS Helped Me: "TKS exposed me to a lot of amazing opportunities, including internships, conferences, and hackathons. At TKS, I was in an environment surrounded by like-minded people. With those people, I’ve started a number of initiatives ranging from building mobile apps, to researching cancer. These experiences helped me develop myself so that I could network with CEOs and build personal relationships, which ultimately have resulted in multiple internship opportunities for the summer."

Rohan Ravindran, 14 years old -

Founder at Rokri - Custom built gaming desktops

My Story: "I started Rokri because I realized that my computer couldn’t process the games I wanted to play. So, I went to stores like NCIX and Tiger Director to buy parts so I could experiment with my home desktop. I successfully increased the Frames Per Second (FPS) by 10x! I thought that if I could do this for my own computer, I could also do it for other people. I’m currently focused on growing Rokri and building high-performance hardware to provide high-quality experiences for gaming and virtual reality."

How TKS Helped Me: "TKS taught me how to network with the right people that could help me achieve my goals. Through the program, I built a LinkedIn profile and connected with experts that gave me advice. TKS helped me grow my confidence and taught me not to be afraid of people that know more than me. During TKS, we also visited Shopify. I learned about various marketing techniques that I could use to scale Rokri. TKS mentors also helped me understand e-commerce, and how I could leverage Shopify’s platform to sell my custom computers online."