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TKS Showcase Recap:
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Students presented on topics including Genetic Engineering, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Sustainable Energy, Blockchain, and more!

Shalev Lifshitz:
Using Computer Vision to detect objects in real-time

Shalev created an AI that can detect objects and classify them in real time without any delays. He is using the Yolov3 algorithm to detect and classify objects. He has also presented this project on several news channels.

Ananya Chadha:
Brain-Computer Interfaces and Controlling Objects with Your Thoughts

Ananya built a robot that she can control with her mind. It can move in all directions through her focusing on certain thoughts and actions. Her next step is to create a drone that she can control with her mind.

Tanisha Bassan:
Using Quantum Computers to Solve the World’s Hardest Problems

Tanisha is a grade eleven student who is diving into one of the most complicated technologies to learn: Quantum Computing. She has found great success and even attended the first ever quantum computing hackathon in San Francisco.

Tommy Moffat:
Quantum Machine Learning to Discover New Drugs

Tommy is focusing on combining Quantum Computing with the the field of machine learning. Tommy is one of the few people in the world who is at the forefront of advancing this technology.

William Blair:
Applying piezoelectrics and AI to create a pacemaker (ThermoBeat)

Pacemakers have not changed with technology and William is trying to change that. He is currently working on creating a pacemaker that never needs to be replaced and uses a person's body heat to keep itself running.

Sameer Khan: Artificial Intelligence and Generative Adversarial Neural Nets

Unlike most people, Sameer thinks that machines have the ability to be creative. He wanted to prove this notion right and decided to build a GAN, an AI that can generate generate art and pictures that are indistinguishable from ones that an artist has created.

Cassia Attard:
Using Nanotechnology to dramatically improve Solar Cell efficiency

If we could harness a fraction of the power that the sun generates, we could power the whole world, yet we do not have solar panels that are efficient enough to do this. Cassia is going to change this by utilizing Quantum Dots, a nanotechnology that can be used to capture nearly all of the energy that hits a solar cell.

Ramy Zhang:
Future of decentralized blockchain applications

The way we interact with society and each other is changing, and it is changing fast. Ramy has been a part of this change by creating decentralized applications which use Blockchain to connect people to people, eliminating the middle man.

Hannah Le:
Curing Diseases and Studying Human Genome with CRISPR-Cas9

Hannah is figuring out how to advance Crispr-Cas9, a gene editing tool that can cure diseases. Her achievements have lead her to the forefront of this revolutionizing technology at the University of Toronto Labs.

Sabarish Gnanamoorthy:
Applying Augmented Reality and Computer Vision to navigation

Sabarish is a recognized leader and influencer in the AR and VR worlds. He is sponsored by Microsoft and the Thiel Fellowship to develop WaypointAR, an indoor navigation systems for places including airports, malls, and conferences.

Ben Nashman:
Developing non-invasive blood testing (Synex Medical)

Ben is creating a new method for non-invasive blood testing. In this video, he explaines how he got the idea and what his plan is to contunue with this technology.

Ayleen Farnood:
Neurosensors and Brain-Machine Interfaces

Imagine being able to control things with your mind, and being able to talk to each other without saying a word. This sounds like science fiction but Ayleen is trying to make this vision into a reality by looking into how we can use Neurosensors and Brain-Machine Interfaces to make this a reality.

Empowering Young Women:
Stephanie Porfiris, Zaynah Bhanji, and Brianna Gopaul

There is a shortage of female leaders in the field of technology and science. Stephanie, Zaynah, and Brianna talk about what they did to be successful in this industry, and what other girls should do as well.

Ayaan Esmail:
Developing personalized medicine by simulating drugs on human genes

One medication is not right for everyone, some people can actually get more sick by taking certain medications. Ayaan is trying to solve this problem through personalized medication. In this video, he shows us how to simulate drugs and explains how everyone can do it as well.

Alex Zhuang:
Training Artificial Intelligence to create unique music

Like art, music is also considered a very creative skill, Alex is building an AI that can create music that sounds better than what most musicians can create.

Anish Phadnis:
Using bacteriophages to combat the antibiotic crisis

We are approching a world that is post-antibotic, but Bacteriophages can stop that from occuring, and Anish is one of the few people in the world looking into this innovative technology.

Andrew Benn:
Nuclear Fusion models and how I tried building one in my garage

There are very few people and companies that are looking into how we can use Nuclear Fusion to solve our energy needs. Andrew wants to change this and is trying to solve it in his own garage. In his presentation, he explains some of the challenges he faces and how he wants to solve them.

Anupra Chandran:
Detecting and treating cancer using genetic engineering

Cancer has been an issue that the world is trying to solve for decades now but people are not taking advantage of innovative technologies that can develop a cure. In this video, Anupra explains how we can use genetic engineering to cure Cancer.

Abhinav Boyed:
David and Goliath story of Blockchain applications

Blockchain is changing the world as we know it. For the first time in our history, we are giving power to the people rather than organizations and governments. Abhinav explains how this technology is bringing change in our society.

Ali Gangeh:
Magnetic Levitation applied to Space Technologies and rockets

Space is an industy that is only being expolored by a few organizations and companies. Ali is part of that select few. In this video, Ali explains how you can use Magnietic Leviation to make rockets a lot cheaper and efficient.

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