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CBC News: Teens search for way to improve magnetic resonance images

"Two Toronto teens are working on a better way to apply magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. The 17-year-olds immersed themselves in..."

Google: Alexia Monize, Seizing Canada's AI Moment

"Leaders from Canada's AI community discuss the potential of AI. The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau is joined by Alexia Monize and..."

MobileSyrup: Meet the world’s youngest HoloLens developer

"Sabarish Gnanamoorthy fell in love with augmented reality (AR) when he was 13-years-old. He pursued AR further, until he..."

Global News: 15-year-old develops EpiPen gadget for diabetes patients

"Shaan Hooey and Sameer Jessa have a medical start-up that helps diabetes patients get an immediate shot of glucagon when blood sugar levels..."

Innovate Conference wants to get youth engaged with AI and VR trends

"TKS INNOVATE will bring together 500 Canadian students who are interested in learning how to find and solve critical problems facing society today...."

Meet the future Einsteins: The kids taking over A.I.

"At 16, Tommy Moffat has accomplished what it takes some professionals a lifetime. Earlier this month he spoke at the Toronto Machine Learning conference..."

Techvibes: Empowering Youth to Innovate: Our Future Depends on It

"Often, we underestimate young people’s ability to understand complex concepts, but exposing kids to challenging subject matter at earlier age can foster..."

TKS out to groom the next generation of Elon Musks

"While their challenges may seem typical for would-be startups, there is nothing typical about these people. They are all still in high school..."

The Knowledge Society wants to teach Canada's next generation of innovators

"Canada is setting itself up to become a world leader in innovation by opening up specialized institutes and doubling down on..."

The Knowledge Society inspires new generation of leaders

"With his brother Nadeem, Nathoo is aiming to inspire the next generation to reach a little further, through a unique learning program inspired by..."

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TKS is hosting a world-class conference to bring together Canada's top young innovators

June 1, 2017
"- The Knowledge Society (TKS), Canada’s leading innovation program for youth ages 13-17, will bring 500 of Canada’s most driven students together in Toronto on August 13, 2017 to change their lives and the future of our country." - See full release.

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