Canada-Wide Innovation Conference For Students Age 13-17


Conference information and details

TKS Toronto hosted an innovation conference for students age 13-17. During the full-day conference, students were exposed to emerging industries, watched presentations from industry experts, and networked with like-minded students.

Conference Overview

"The purpose behind this conference was to change lives. Students rarely get exposure to global leaders and industry experts; instead they’re in a classroom learning about the past. We need to inspire and motivate high-potential students to start thinking big. The world is very different than it was 10 years ago. The youth are more empowered than ever to create real change and make a significant impact in the world, and all that is missing is their ambition and mindset. They need to see what’s out there. They need to be exposed to emerging trends and technologies so they can identify their interests and start working on developing tangible skills in those areas. That's why we created TKS INNOVATE."

- Navid Nathoo, Executive Director


Presentations from industry experts

TKS invited speakers who are all leaders in their respective industries to share how these innovations are evolving so students could understand the implications for their future.

Eric Ladizinsky
CTO & Co-Founder, D-Wave

Eric explains how Quantum Computing will dramatically impact our future. During his talk, he breaks down this new technology into easy to understand concepts.

Lauren Baldesarra
Creative Producer, Disney

Lauren talks about “Making the Magic”, and relates concepts of creativity and innovation to her experience as an Imagineer at Disney.

Steven Stronach
Hololens Specialist, Microsoft

Steven demonstrates how the Microsoft HoloLens and Augmented Reality works, including how it's being used and future applications.

Anthony Di Iorio
Co-Founder, Ethereum

Anthony is a digital currency and blockchain expert. He talks about 5 important things that have led him to where he is in the digital currency industry.

Matt Spoke
CEO & Founder, Nuco

Matt talks about his journey from being an accountant to creating a top-tier blockchain company. He also explains the impact of blockchain on the future.

Harry Gandhi
CEO & Founder, Medella

Harry is developing nanotechnology to assist in tracking personal health. He dives deep into the technology and the health monitoring ecosystem.

Karthik Ramakrishnan
Director, Element AI

Karthik discusses Artificial intelligence, including: what it can do, what it can't do, where it's going, and how it's going to impact the future.

Alexandra Philp Reeves
Founder, Emojihealth

Alexandra is on a mission to help educate teens around important heath and wellness issues through interactive AI-powered chat technology.

Ben, Natalie, Sabarish, Shaan
TKS Alumni Panel

Watch TKS Alumni talk about their projects, which include solutions in: medical imaging, diabetes, augmented reality, and aging.

Introduction: Navid & Nadeem
Executive Directors, TKS

Navid and Nadeem develiver a motivational presentation to kick off the TKS Innovate Conference - find your passion and solve important problems.

Innovate Alley

Supporting Organizations and Partners

Attendees had the opportunity to interact with innovative organizations from a variety of industries. Students experienced virtual reality, learned about neural networks with Google's Quick Draw, engaged with an autonomous electric vehicle from General Motors, and much more!

Thank you to all our supporters and partners!

Brain Pods

Connecting with like-minded people


What students gained after the conference

After attending TKS Innovate, attendees developed new ideas and networked with like-minded peers. These were some of the outcomes they took away.

  • Predicting The Future

    Hearing from industry leaders on various emerging trends gave students a better understanding of where the future is heading.

  • Building Their Network

    Students met like-minded individuals that they can now partner with to research new ideas or build their next big venture.

  • Finding Their Passion

    The conference motivated students to find their passion and areas of interest, and inspired them to go deep and build their knowledge.

  • Thinking Big

    Student's realized that there are so many opportunities that they can pursue, and they can change the world, especially if they start early!


Details about the conference

TKS Innovate 2017 was a full-day conference in Toronto, Canada. There were 350 students invited to attend the conference and learn from world-class speakers on emerging trends, technologies, and sciences.


Over 1,500+ students across Canada submitted applications and were individually selected to participate in the Innovate 2017 conference.

The job market is changing, and instead of resisting in vain, we’re focused on funding research and innovation, like in AI and quantum computing, that’ll help lead the change here in Canada.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
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