Canada's Top Innovation Conference For Students Age 13-16


Conference information and details

TKS Toronto is hosting an innovation conference for students age 13-16. During the full-day conference, students will be exposed to emerging industries, watch presentations from industry experts, and network with like-minded students.

Conference Overview

The purpose behind this conference is to change lives. Students rarely get exposure to global leaders and industry experts; instead they’re in a classroom learning about the past. We need to inspire and motivate high-potential students to start thinking big. The world is very different than it was 10 years ago. The youth are more empowered than ever to create real change and make a significant impact in the world, and all that is missing is their ambition and mindset. They need to see what’s out there. They need to be exposed to emerging trends and technologies so they can identify their interests and start working on developing tangible skills in those areas. That's why we created TKS INNOVATE.

World-Class Venue

TKS Innovate 2017 will be held at the award winning Corus Quay building located in downtown Toronto on the waterfront.

Emerging Trends

During the conference, students will be exposed to emerging trends and technologies that will change the world over the next 10 years.


Presentations for industry experts

We have invited speakers who are all leaders in their respective industries to share how these innovations are evolving so students can understand the implications for their future. The industries that will be covered are very diverse and range from multiple innovative areas in technology and science.

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Brain Pods

Connecting with like-minded people

The purpose of a brain pod is to meet like-minded people that share the same interests as you. During the conference, attendees will engage in two brain pods throughout the day. Each brain pod consists of 10 people, and has a specific topic. Before the conference, you will choose which brain pod topics you want to join. During the conference, you will meet with your pod to discuss the topic and get to know your pod members better.

Below are the topics for the brain pods:


What you'll gain after the conference

After attending TKS Innovate, you will develop new ideas and have networked with like-minded peers. Here are some of the outcomes you'll take away.

  • Predict The Future

    Hearing from industry leaders on various emerging trends will give you a better understanding of where the future is heading.

  • Build Your Network

    Meet like-minded individuals that you can partner with to research new ideas or build your next big venture.

  • Find Your Passion

    This conference will motivate you to find your passion and areas of interest, and inspire you to go deep and build your knowledge.

  • Think Big

    There are so many opportunities you can pursue and you'll learn that you can change the world, especially if you start early!


Details about the conference

TKS Innovate 2017 is a full-day conference in Toronto, Canada. There were 350 students invited to attend the conference and learn from world-class speakers on emerging trends, technologies, and sciences.


Attendees submitted an application and were individually selected to participate in the Innovate 2017 conference. For specific details, please contact us directly.

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