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TKS Calgary

Program information and details.

TKS is the leading innovation incubator for students age 13-17. During TKS, students are guided by world-class mentors and collaboratively explore modern topics, while developing the skillset required to become global leaders.


During each session, students are placed into teams and given a topic (see below for topics). These teams work together to understand the topic and relevant problems and opportunties within the industry. Throughout the program, TKS students deliver presentations, engage in debates and discussions, and learn how to build real-world assets, including 1-pagers and slide decks.

Collaborative Environment

TKS is hosted at the new ATB Entrepreneur Centre in downtown Calgary. This modern learning facility fosters a strong sense of curiosity and engagement while exploring next-generation topics.

In-House Mentorship

TKS mentors are globally recognized leaders in their fields. Their purpose is to guide teams as they explore complex problems, and push them to think beyond the conventional mindset.


Prepare for the future.

Program Outcomes

Grow professionally and find your passion

In order to build the next-generation of global leaders, TKS focuses on developing comprehensive skill sets that students can leverage in the real-world to accomplish their goals.

  • Develop Real-World Skills

    Successful executives have one things in common: they are great communicators. TKS students will develop their presentation skills, ability to build slide decks and one-pagers, and become captivating speakers.

  • Learn How To Learn

    AT TKS, students explore problems that don't have solutions. The program is designed to purposely create an environment of debate and uncertainty. Students will develop the skill set to adapt with new information and 'figure it out'.

  • Make Informed University/Career Decisions

    TKS helps students understand what they’re passionate about, so they can make better decisions with: university, field of study, and career path. The assets they create at TKS can also be used for university applications, scholarships, and job interviews.

  • Understand How To Think Big

    The world needs leaders that can solve billion-dollar problems that impact people globally. TKS trains each student to think big, aim high, and provides them with the confidence and knowledge to change the world.

  • Build Your Professional Network

    Meet like-minded individuals that you can partner with to build your next big venture, while extending your corporate network with TKS world-class mentors.

  • Think Ahead

    Exploring modern topics, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Genomics, will give students the insight and knowledge to lead the future. By starting early, TKS students can predict what's next, develop their expertise, and prepare to shape tomorrow's industries.


Program schedule, tuition, and application process.

TKS Calgary starts in August 2016 and is held 3 times/week after school from 6pm - 9pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. During the program, students also have the opportunity to experience off-site events at Calgary's most innovatives companies including: Critical Mass , Assembly, and Kudos.


On Sundays, TKS sessions are hosted at Innovate Calgary, which is located across from the University of Calgary: 3553 31 St NW. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, TKS is held at ATB Entrepreneur Centre: 1110 17 Ave SW.

Application Process

Step 1: Submit your application

Step 2: If your application is accepted, you will be selected for an interview.

Step 3: Complete your interview with a program director.

The program directors will choose 40 students to participate in the program. The program is very selective - the applications and interviews are taken very seriously.

Cities are innovation engines...we need people with different ideas to clash and create better things.

Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary
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